Planning and Design.


1. Consultation

The 1st step of consultation is very simple; together we discuss your needs and we give you the best technical advice through our extensive experience in furniture. the only information we will need to know are the measurements of the room and the features of the room, for example: Where the door and windows are placed. Once we have this information, we can start to discuss what you want to use the room for and we make sure that your wishes are met whilst using the right size, look and functionality. the last step of the consultation stage is to discuss the date when you need the furniture ready and finally to prepare a rough sketch.

2. The Sketch

The rough sketch which we would have prepared together will be given to our designer and he will design a detailed sketch and a side plan, which we will give to you so that you can see how your room will look.

3. Your dream Room.

Your room will then be built by our skilled carpenters who will use the best possible wood and materials in order to give you a room which will last you a life time and which is also tailored to your specific needs. .