About Us


Joe and Jerry Furniture Ltd is a private enterprise established in 1989 by Mr.Gerald Pace and Mr.Joseph Pace, mainly engaged in the manufacture and design of furniture products. Since it's inception the company operates in the local market and specializes in traditional Maltese desgin furniture making accustomed to the customer's needs and wants. This competence is in line with the company's Mission Statement:

"We do it right to your imagination"

The company employs a team of dedicated skilled personnel. In improving the quality of it's product, the company strives to invest in latest technology machinery and equipment and at the same time creating the safest environment for it's working team. During the produc formation process, management makes use of the finest raw material quality with the sole employment of solid wood material. The final product would then contain a final blend of artistic design and measure as requested by the customer's imagination of the end product. The company adopts a zero defect pilosophy as it believes that customer loyalty and retention are one of the strongest marketing tools.